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Coaching for Individuals

Build your mind

The Taju method - Bridging insight and action

Self-development is often thought of as being just beautiful thoughts that lead nowhere in life. We don't subscribe to this idea. Instead, we believe that knowledge and thoughts are tools for action. By using methods that are science-based and tested we ensure that the time working on your mind is well spent.

We help you go from understanding to real life impact. Our coaching sessions provide a blend of self-reflection and actionable strategies, tailored to your unique circumstances. This way we make sure that you utilize your mental resources optimally in your life situation.



Self-reflection as a tool to improve thinking

At Taju Coaching, we tailor our sessions to your unique perspective. Our personalized coaching sessions are more than just a conversation; they are a window into your mind. Through thoughtful dialogue and insightful reflections, we help you sift through the layers of your thought processes and decision-making patterns. The ability to discern your motivations, evaluate your responses, and understand your actions better equips you with a refined compass to steer through life's complexities. 

We are not just a coach on this journey; we are your companions in self-exploration. Our objective is to facilitate a space where you feel supported, understood, and empowered to delve into the depths of your self-awareness. We help you find your mind's problems and opportunities, which then can be leveraged into growth. By daring to communicate your thoughts openly we can understand how you work.. Once we understand how you function we can work with your mind rather than against it. And that makes all the difference.



Single Session $100 /session
Monthly Sessions $85 /session
Two Monthly Sessions $80 /session
Weekly Sessions $75 /session

Single coaching session

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Buy a 10 session pass for 90€/session

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