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Taju Coaching

Solution-focused psychological coaching.
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Solutions for your situation

No matter where you are in life, psychological coaching can offer you solutions to your problems. 

Motivation, Communication, Productivity, Social Skills, Stress, Emotions, Resilience, Decision making, Purpose, Self-Knowledge, Life Transitions, Learning, Leadership, Team work, Self-Esteem...

These are only some of the life aspects that you can improve with psychological coaching. Learn how your mind works and take smarter actions. A simple recipe for achieving what you want in life.


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Client Testimonials

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Balancing my role as Head of R&D with my doctoral studies made me seek clarity. Taju Coaching offered a reflective space to explore my own thought processes and decision-making. The self-knowledge I gained has not only streamlined my work approach, but also enriched my personal life, making both more aligned and enjoyable. I was surprised how much understanding myself improved my life.

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Alexander Henn

Head of R&D, Doctoral candidate | LignoSphere

Juggling multiple roles in my service freelancing company was stressing me out until I found Taju. From the first session, their team showed deep understanding of my challenges. They offered psychological insights and practical strategies that not only addressed my immediate concerns but also promoted lifelong learning. Now, my client interactions, service delivery, and work-life balance have remarkably improved, all thanks to Taju.

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Henrik Kuhlefelt

Owner | HenriQ Oy

Taju Coaching provided a thoughtful space for reflecting on my role in Scandinavian market development. Through our sessions, I gained a deeper understanding of my decision-making patterns, which has been instrumental in fine-tuning our market strategies. It's a subtle yet impactful shift towards a more insightful approach to market challenges. Highly recommended for those looking to deepen their self-knowledge in both a personal and professional manner.

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Sofia Lähteenmäki

Head of Scandinavian market development | Decor industry company

I reached out to Taju Coaching during a challenging phase in my company. The nuanced approach helped me gain clarity on the core issues we faced. Through personalized sessions, I developed strategies that significantly improved our decision-making process. The profound understanding of human behavior that Taju Coaching provided was eye-opening. It’s a journey I’d recommend to any leader seeking to navigate complex business landscapes with a clearer mind.

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Henrik Knappe

CEO | Industry hydraulics company

At Taju Coaching, I experienced professionally tailored sessions that allowed for objective self-reflection. They offered a bunch of practical tools I could immediately apply, benefiting both my personal and professional growth. Not only did my coach express a genuine understanding of my goals, but he also helped clarify some core concepts on how to build strategies that saves time while progressing just as fast.

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Richard Råman

Research analyst | Commercial real estate company

As an actress, understanding oneself is the cornerstone of embodying characters authentically. Taju Coaching provided an interesting journey into my own psyche. The sessions have enhanced my self-awareness, enriching my acting skills significantly. It's a down to earth approach to self-discovery that I find invaluable in honing my craft. Taju Coaching is a beautiful complement to my artistic exploration.

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Larissa Barck

Actress |

Studying economics often involves navigating complex theories and models. Taju offered a space for self-reflection, helping me understand my own thought patterns, biases, and motives. This self-knowledge has refined my approach to my studies, making my academic journey more insightful and meaningful. Getting more in touch with myself complements the rigorous analytical work required in economics.

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Fredrik Kranck

University student |

In the fast-paced environment of a Big4 firm, self-reflection often takes a backseat. Taju Coaching provided that essential pause, guiding me through a self-exploration journey that's been eye-opening. Understanding my own thought processes better has refined my approach to consulting. The sessions are a space for self-discovery amidst the daily hustle, offering a chance to evolve both personally and professionally.

Chris W.

Consultant | Big4 company

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